Ken's Lotto Syndicate

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$80 Million
1pm 02/12/2021
Paypal ONLY.
$10 each. No limit

Closing in


  1. Within these terms, conditions and rules, the term "syndicate" shall refer to the collective entrants who have purchased one or more shares in a lottery ticket/s.
  2. Within these terms, conditions and rules, the term "organiser/s" shall refer to the person who initiated and solicited entrants, collected all monies and purchased the ticket/s.
  3. The organiser/s shall not be held responsible for any errors, issues or losses on the part of the lottery company/ies.
  4. The terms and conditions set out by lottery company/ies also form part of these terms and conditions.
  5. Entrants must pay the organiser all monies in Australian Dollars, prior to the date and time advised by the organiser.
  6. Where the prize payment per share, is less than the entry price per share, the total prize payment will be reinvested at the Organisers discretion.
  7. Where any prize payment is not evenly distributable among the entrants, the remainder maybe used in future syndicate draws.
  8. The organiser/s shall provide a copy (electronic, or otherwise) of the ticket/s to all entrants prior to the draw.
  9. All tickets are purchased as "Quick-Pick", whereby all numbers are computer chosen by the lottery company/ies.
  10. The organiser/s decision is final, and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  11. These terms, conditions and rules are subject to change without notification.
  12. There are NO refunds after the ticket/s have been purchased. Refunds PRIOR to ticket/s purchase are at the discretion of the organiser/s.
  13. This syndicate purchases ticket/s in a game of chance, and as such, there NO guarantees of winning any prize/s.
  14. By entering into the syndicate, the entrant accepts these terms, conditions and rules.
  15. Sending an email advising that you wish to take part does NOT constitute participation/entry in the syndicate, Entry ONLY occurs on full payment on or before the indicated payment date.
  16. Shares must be purchased in whole number amounts.
  17. Where winnings are reinvested, entrants maintain their number of shares, as purchased in the original syndicate ticket/s.
  18. NO additional shares may be purchased in ticket/s purchased with reinvested winning funds.
  19. The organiser/s shall NOT be responsible for any monies not received.
  20. Winnings are calculated per share, which may result in some loss due to rounding, especially when entrants have purchased multiple shares.
  21. The entrant shall be responsible for any/all charges incurred by PayPal or other financial institutions.
  22. If you are purchasing shares on behalf of other person/s, or on-selling shares, it is YOUR responsibility to collect & distribute all monies.
  23. These terms, conditions and rules apply to any and all shares that are on-sold, and/or purchased on behalf of other person/s.
  24. Share cost and/or other limits may apply, and are subject to change without notice.
  25. Any monies that are required to be distributed to participants, will be done as soon as practical after the lottery company/ies have transferred said monies to a facility whereby the organiser/s can then distribute accordingly.
  26. Your privacy is important, as such all practical steps are taken to prevent your details from being distributed or shared without your permission.
  27. Participants MUST provide the Syndicate name in the PayPal note field. This is to ensure that your contribution is applied to the correct syndicate, as sometimes there are multiple syndicates running at the same time. It is also so the organiser/s and participant/s BOTH know which syndicates you have paid in to, which is important in the event of disputes. Failure to comply can result in expulsion from current and future syndicates.

DISCLAIMER: The Organiser/s may also hold other ticket/s and/or shares in the same draw.

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